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It has been 50 years since explorers first returned from across the Dragonback Peaks with news of not only another human society (the Gingku) but also vast ruins of the Ancients.

But so much more has be been discovered since then. The islands of stone in the Devil’s Marshes that most of the city-states of the Confederation of Lorraine were actually ruins of the Ancients themselves. Huge troves of ancient treasure have been discovered and continue to be discovered right below the streets of these city states. The proliferation of magical artifacts has become so great that it is not uncommon to find Mirabicaries, merchants who sell enchanted artifacts in any moderately large town.

The strong presence of magical radiation has increased magical “mutants”; wretched folk, goblinoids, swamp men and other aberrant humanoids are so prevalent that it is not unusual to find them walking the streets of Lorrainean city-states, though their integration into the Empire of the Theocrat has been forbidden and atypical in other nations.

Politically, the major changes have been in the expansion of Einsreichend, the Empire of the Theocrat and the One True God; a large number of the northern Lorrainean city-states have been annexed (due to their new found magical wealth,) a portion of Malakoff has been taken over and the nation has also expanded into the Northlands, laying waste or enslaving many of the tribes. Internally however, there has been a schism between the ancestral Theocrat, who is both king and high priest by birth, and certain sects within the Church that desire more power despite their bloodlines. No direct conflict has occurred as of yet, but there is definitely tension in the kingdom of Einsreichend.

Other events of note include the establishment of a Gingku outpost, the city “Ashru,” on the civilized side of Dragonback Peaks in an unsettled portion of Nehoknamai. Many new tribes have been discovered in the deep south of the Devil’s Marshes. Sailors have discovered an island in the Boiling Sea populated by tribes similar to the Devil’s Marshes tribes. Explorers into jungles of the far south of Nehoknamai have uncovered other tribes of savage, dark skinned men who file their teeth to points and are said to eat human flesh.

The campaign will be focused almost entirely in Verhzuur, a city-state in the far south of the Lorrainean Confederation, deep within the bubbling Devil’s Marsh. Verhzuur is basically an island surrounded by percolating, semi liquid bog mud and fetid waters. A strong sour smell permeates the area; a smell you are all became used to after living there a few weeks. The city rises from the marsh from east to west, the eastern portion of town frequently called Lowtown or Guttertown (due to the natural flow of effluvia from the western part of the city.) Guttertown has come under interest as a place of exploration for entrances to Ancient ruins and dungeons; a recent conflagration of infernal magical energy released by a party of careless adventures has laid waste to a segment of Guttertown, leaving an area of ruins more easily accessed and tainted with profane energy.

The wealth Ancient ruins and ease of access to them has attracted many adventurers to the slime slick city of Verhzuur. The Empire has recently set up a Temple of Archaeology and Mysteries Sect of the One, a “Delver’s Guild” has recently been created and of course the Thieves Guild is also very interested in potential wealth redistribution.

This is where you (the players) come in… You will be freelance adventurers and thieves in the city of Verhzuur, at least in the beginning. It will be up to you to decide whether you will make some sort of affiliations, but as of the start of the game you are on your own. Opportunities for adventure include stealing from the wealthy, from the many newly established Mirabicaries (magic item stores,) or from other adventures ripe with wealth recently plundered from the ruins and of course exploring the ruins on your own.

Home Page

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